Barry Cupples

Barry Cupples | Group CEO | Talon Outdoor

Barry is the Group CEO at Talon Outdoor and has been at the forefront of media-buying for over 25 years.

In his early days at Omnicom Media Group (OMG), Barry was responsible for the launch and growth of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for OMG – which is currently the second largest profit center in the world. For a further eight years, Barry led the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for OMG as CEO. He launched PhD and over three years made it the region’s number one agency, despite its significantly smaller stature in comparison with its competitors.

After serving on the global board at OMG APAC for 15 years, Barry left the region in 2013 to take on a New York based role to lead OMG’s global investment function, driving value for clients across the $55 billion dollar portfolio of its client expenditure.

In 2019, Barry was appointed as Talon’s Group CEO, responsible for transforming OOH’s status and position, as well as driving international expansion for the UK-based OOH full service OOH agency.